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CS Ultra Launcher v1.7
Size: 3,00 MB

Counter-Strike Ultra Launcher is a powerful program, which can launch Counter-Strike 1.6, import, export, backup & restore config files, menus, favorites and sprays. You can even start your favorite webpages from this launcher.

In Counter-Strike 1.6 several servers try to change our config files, menus, Steam removes our game favorites till the next update (especially if your Steam Cloud is not on) and our spray tag is being changed to the default one, because we regulary change our game settings. Someday you will have to reinstall CS, then again and again.

That's why I made this tool. Basically it copies the files (configs, menus, sprays) to a specific place and replaces them in the game if you press the restore buttons in the launcher.

Getting started. First you reset all your configs, menus & sprays to the default. Change everything as you want - put your settings in your config, change the menu as you want and update your spray tag. Then open this launcher, go to the options and backup everything! From now on, you will have to launch your CS through this launcher. Next time you open it, you will just have to press "Restore config, menu, spray" to restore everything to its previous state. Later, if you would like to change one of your files, restore it to its previous state, then change it & backup the file again.

Feature Overview:

- Easy setup wizard
- Automatic restore of configs, menus & sprays
- Regular favorites backup function
- Automatic CS launch on Ultra Launcher start
- Ability to use own launcher
- Ability to launch another program with CS
- Ability to change launch parameters
- 6 Websites to show up
- Import / Export / Restore / Backup / Reset functions
- Works with Counter-Strike 1.6 & Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

This tool works with Steam & Non-Steam versions of the game!


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