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Game Maker

Game Maker Examples
This examples do only work with Game Maker 8.0 Pro and (higher versions).

Custom Controls Example
Shows how to make and use custom controls in your own game.
Shortcut Scripts
Scripts to create shortcuts everywhere you want: desktop, quicklaunch, startmenu, startup etc.
Real-time changing Scrollbar with Arrays
Scrollbar, which adapts itself on changing array count.
Arcade Game Example
One of different ways to create a basic arcade game.
Auto-Updater Example
Can auto-update your application. Does not freeze the application when updating.
Array list with pages
Useful if you have to draw a lot of information, which have to be fit into a specific height.
GMFileDownloader Example
Shows how to download a file with a direct link from the internet.
Flash Scripts
These simple flash scripts cover the whole game window with a specific color.
INI-Files Easyscripts
These scripts make the INI-File saving & loading even easier.
TDS Spraying Example
Shows how to make a realistic spray and recoil system in a top-down-shooter game.
Fake Variable Values Example
Shows how to fake a value of a variable while saving or loading from an INI-File.
Special Keytexts Example
Activates a command by writing a hidden word, phrase or sentence in the background.
Checkpoint Example
Shows how to make one or many checkpoints in a game.
Smooth Mouse Following
Shows how to let an object follow your mouse smoothly.
Smooth Motionblur Example
Shows how to create a nice-looking motionblur effect for your objects.
Score Ups Example
Shows how to make a nice-looking score notification moving up.

Game Maker Tools
This tools do only work with Game Maker 8.0 Pro and higher versions.

Anti-Cheat-Code Generator v1.1 + Example
Generates anti-cheat codes for variable values in different events.
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