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CSGO Buyscript Maker v1.3
Size: 1,00 MB

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Buyscript Maker is a simple tool to create & update buyscripts in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! Buyscripts are used to buy different weapons & equipment by pressing keyboard or mouse buttons on each round start. Buyscripts have a lot of advantages: they are fast, simple & fully customizeable. Because it is uncomfortable & annoying to update buyscripts regulary, this tool does all the work for you!

General setup

1. Download & Unzip the CS:GO Buyscript Maker
2. Launch CSGOBuyscriptMaker v1.2.exe
3. Set the path to CS:GO in <Steam>/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Adding buyscripts

In the left list box you have keyboard and mouse buttons, in the right - the weapons, equipment, radio commands and other stuff you can put in your buyscript, in the bottom - the final buyscript for the corresponding key. To add a buyscript, proceed as the following:

1. Press "Add button"
2. Select a keyboard or mouse button
3. In the 4 list boxes, on the right, doubleclick the items you want to have in the buyscript for the corresponding key.
4. If you're ready, press "Save / Update Buyscript" to save the buyscript file for CS:GO!

This tool works with Steam & Non-Steam versions of the game!


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