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OverlayXhair v1.3
Size: 1,40 MB

OverlayXhair is a tool that overlays a crosshair over all applications, including games in windowed or fake fullscreen mode (windowed mode on native resolution with no borders).

How to use it with games?

In order to work with games, the tool needs the game to be in windowed mode. To play fullscreen, search different fake fullscreen tutorials on the web. These tutorials basically set up a windowed game with no borders, which looks the same as a fullscreen game. If you're on Windows Vista or 7, the tool also needs DWM to be enabled in order to work properly.

Can I be banned in online games?

Since the game you play does not have any client-sided anti-cheat programs (ex. Punkbuster), you most likely won't get a ban. The tool does not read or write anything to the game memory or using any DirectX hacks.


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