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CSGO Simple Cheat Script

CS:GO Simple Cheat Script
Size: 1,80 KB

This script provides you with 8 useful cheats, which can be activated in the offline mode of Counter-Strike Global Offensive! More cheats can be found here.

Controls are:

F9 = Cheats on/off

F1 = No clip on/off (Fly through walls + Infinite HP)
F2 = Grenade test mode on/off (Works only in competitive mode)
F3 = Wireframe model wallhack on/off
F4 = God Mode (Infinite HP) on/off
F5 = Impact Marker on/off (Kill an enemy to see his damage impact)
F6 = Speedhack x3 / x0.5 / off
F7 = Low / default / high gravity
F8 = Infinite ammo / Infinite reload / Default ammo & reload

How to install:

Copy the contents of autoexec.cfg to Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cfg/autoexec.cfg

If this file does not exist in your CSGO root directory, copy this one and paste it there.

Write exec autoexec in CS:GO's in-game console!

Read the readme.txt for more information!

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