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AutoUpdater Example

Auto-Updater Example
Size: 5,60 MB

This example shows how to make a free Auto-Updater for your game, which does not freeze the game when updating. This Auto-Updater downloads a new update for your game if a newer version is found in the INI-File you uploaded to the web. Then it willl create a new directory for the new game version. The old game executable will still exists, but you won't be able to launch the old version anymore. The old one will either launch the existing new version (which is in the newly created game folder) or redownload it. There's also an option to copy files from the old game (configs etc.) to the newer one. Notice, that both, the old & new game must have the Auto-Updater in order to work successfully!

To get started, you just have to edit 5 scripts in the scripts folder:

- au_init
- au_check_ini
- au_copyfiles
- au_gameend

Requirements: Hosting service, where uploaded files are not password protected and have a direct download link (an INI-File, for example, will have an *.ini extension in a direct download link)


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